Lotus jardinière

Lotus jardinière

Lotus jardinière - 5½" (139 mm) diameter, 4¼" (107 mm) high.

Lotus Pottery

Lotus Pottery was set up in 1957 by Michael Skipwith (born 1928) with his wife Elizabeth at Stoke Gabriel near Totnes in South Devon. Production was initially in earthenware, but in 1980 Michael built a wood fired kiln and soon after started making pots in stoneware and porcelain.

The pottery is known for its domestic ware, studio pieces and figures. A variety of glazes and decoration methods are used including tenmoku and glaze on glaze techniques.

In 1999 Michael gave up the pottery at Stoke Farm moving a mile away to Aish. He is now experimenting with gas and electric kilns.

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