Small lidded pot

Small lidded pot

Small lidded pot - 3¼" (82 mm) diameter.

Gibson-Horrocks, Mary

Mary Gibson-Horrocks fills several spaces in the rich mosaic that describes the the fractal-like influence of the Leach Pottery on twentieth century British ceramics.

Born in the stockbroker belt in 1923, she trained at Wimbledon School of Art. On leaving art school she started a pottery in Suffolk that was later occupied by Sam Haile. She worked at Lake's of Truro, and then fulfilled her ambition when in 1944 she was accepted as a student of Bernard Leach.

In 1947 she and Michael Cardew were persuaded to form a pottery in Kingswood, Surrey, but the enterprise was short lived and Cardew returned to Wenford Bridge. Mary joined him there in 1949. In 1953 she went to work at Bovey Tracey, Devon, with Alfred Ehlus. This pottery - Lowerdown - was sold in 1955 to David Leach, who still occupies it, and Mary went to Buckfast Abbey Pottery to teach the monks.

She remained at Buckfast Abbey, marrying in 1969 when she became Mary Boys-Adams.


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