Miniature Doulton stoneware bottle

Miniature Doulton stoneware bottle

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Miniature Doulton stoneware bottle (base)
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Miniature Doulton stoneware bottle - 2¼" (57 mm) high.


John Doulton and John Watts set up Doulton & Watts in Lambeth, South London, in 1815 producing saltglazed stoneware. Another Doulton, John's brother Henry, produced drainpipes. When John Watts retired in 1853, John and Henry Doulton joined forces and became Doulton & Co.

The production of art pottery started around the end of the 1860s and grew considerably during the next two decades. In 1878 the company bought an existing pottery works in Nile Street, Burslem, Staffordshire, to make pots for decoration at the Lambeth works. In 1901 they became Royal Doulton Ltd.

During the first half of the twentieth century production of saltglazed stoneware diminished and finally ceased in 1956 when the Lambeth works was closed and all production was moved to Burslem.

Doulton employed many fine designers and artists, notably Charles Noke and his sons, Cecil and Jack, Bernard Moore, Frank Brangwyn and Agnete Hoy.

The company still produces art pottery along with its bread-and-butter lines of china tableware and decorated figures.

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