The Links Pottery at Linktown, near Kircaldy, Scotland, had various owners, but is usually known as Methvens. It originated in 1714 as a brick works and was owned by William the father of the celebrated 18th century architects Robert and James Adam. In 1773 the company was bought by its manager, David Methven. Various members of the Methven family took charge over the following years, and in 1892 the pottery was bought by an ex-employee, A R Young who had become a partner some twenty years earlier.

The company tended to copy successful ranges of other manufacturers and achieved very high output, much of which went for export. Creamware was produced from the mid-nineteenth century, and was usually printed or painted.

Several brand names were used including Airlie Ware, Auld Heather Ware and Abbotsford Ware, the latter being a copy of the very successful Wemyss Ware.

Methvens closed in 1928.

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