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Index of Potteries


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Abuja Pottery   Adderleys
Aldermaston Pottery   Aller Pottery
Aller Vale Pottery   Anchor Pottery
Arabia, Finland   Arch Pottery
Arklow Pottery   Ashtead Potters
Ault   Aylesford Pottery
Banko   Baron Pottery
Bembridge Pottery   Benthall Pottery
Berlin   Thomas Bevington
Bing and Grøndahl   Boberg
Bolingey Pottery   Bornholms Keramik
Boscean Pottery   Bough Pottery
Branksome China   Brannam Pottery
Braunton Pottery   Bretby Art Pottery
Brickhurst Pottery   Briglin Pottery
Britannia Pottery   Broadstairs Pottery
Buchan   Buckfast Abbey Pottery
Bullers   Burmantofts Pottery
Bwari Pottery    
Candy and Co   Carn Pottery
Carrigaline Pottery   Cartuja Pottery
Castle Hedingham   Cellar Pottery
Celtic Pottery   Chelsea Pottery
Cinque Ports Pottery   Cobham Pottery
Cobridge Stoneware   S and E Collier
Compton Potters' Arts Guild   Countrylane Pottery
Craven Dunnill   Creigiau Pottery
Crewenna Pottery   Crich Pottery
Cripplesease Pottery   Crowan Pottery
Crown Dorset   Cumnock Pottery
Dahl-Jensen   Dartington Pottery
Dartmouth Pottery   David Sharp Pottery
Della Robbia Pottery   Denby
Desvres   Devonmoor Art Pottery
Dicker Pottery   Doulton
Drostdy Ware   Dunmore Pottery
Dunster Pottery    
Ewenny   Exeter Art Pottery
Farnham Pottery   Fishley Holland Pottery
Folkestone Pottery   Frankoma Pottery
Gabriel-Verken   Gien
Gnarly Dudes   Gouda Pottery
Gray's Pottery   Gustavsberg
Hastings Pottery   Highwoods Pottery
L Hjorth   Holkham
Honiton Pottery   Hornsea
Iden Pottery   Isle of Man Potteries
Isle of Wight Pottery    
Jersey Pottery   Jo - IOW
Karlsruhe Majolika Manufaktur   Knight's Tintagel
Lake's Pottery   Lamorna Pottery
Langley   Langton Pottery
Lauder and Smith   Leach Pottery
Leaper, Newlyn   Lieze
Linthorpe Art Pottery   Longpark Pottery
Longwy   Lotus Pottery
Lovatt and Lovatt   Lowerdown Pottery
James Macintyre and Co   Marazion
Mask Pottery   Maw & Co
Merlin Pottery   Methvens
Millhouse Pottery   Minton
W Moorcroft Ltd   Morley Fox and Co
Muchelney Pottery    
Nemadji Pottery   Newlyn Harbour Pottery
Norfolk Pottery   Nymølle
Oxney Green   Oxshott
Parkinsons   Pearsons
Penderleath Pottery   Penrith Pottery
Penzance Pottery   Pilkington
POG Crafts Pottery   Poole Pottery
Port Isaac Pottery   Portmeirion
Prima Pottery   Prinknash Pottery
Protean Pottery   Purbeck Pottery
Radford Handcraft Pottery   E Radford
Rainham Pottery   Raymond Everett Pottery
Riga   Robj
Roeginga Pottery   Rorstrand
Rosenthal   Royal Copenhagen Factory
Royal Devon Art Pottery   Ruskin Pottery
Rye Pottery    
Søholm Stentøj   Salopian Art Pottery
Sarreguemines   Schofield Pottery
Seneshall   Seven Springs Pottery
Sevenoaks Pottery   Sibley Pottery
Societe Ceramique Maestricht   Springfield Pottery
St Agnes Pottery   St Clement, France
St Ives   Sunset Ceramics
Thanet Pottery   Thorburn Pottery
Thoune   Tintagel Pottery
Tolcarne Pottery   Toni Raymond Pottery
Torquay Potteries   Totland Pottery
Trelowarren Pottery   Tremaen
Tremar Pottery   Troika
Unidentified   Upchurch Pottery
Vallauris   Vellow Pottery
Wardle   Watcombe Pottery
Wedgwood   Weller Pottery
Wenford Bridge Pottery   Wetheriggs Pottery
Wilkinson   Wimborne Pottery
Winchcombe Pottery   Wold Pottery
Wye Pottery    
Yelland Pottery   Yellowsands Pottery
Youghal Pottery    

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