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Pottery Studio News

Downtime. On the move again!
We shall be off-air again during the night of March 22nd/March 23rd 2018 while our Internet Hosting Providers move us to a new location. We are hoping for a room with a view of the sea, which will be much nicer than the current southerly aspect of the gas works. So from some time between 10pm and 2am (GMT) you won't be able to see the Pottery Studio pages; not even this message. We hope to see you all, as usual, on the other side of the move.

Did you miss us?
Sorry, this site was off-air from 11.17 p.m. GMT on Wednesday 12 August, 2013 for nearly 48 hours. We were a casualty of a multi-network Distributed Denial of Service attack. Some people want something better to do.

Adam Dworski
We are sorry to record the death of Adam (Adaš) Dworski, founder of Wye Pottery. He died in Burgundy, France, on March 6th, 2011, where he and his wife Paddy had been living for the last few years. Our sympathy goes to Paddy, Marijana, his daughter and Adam and Mark, his two sons.

Here we are !
If you are reading this bulletin you are reading it from our new server. Ah ... that's better, now we have room to swing that cat. Cardew! where are you? Come and get a nice saucer of milk.

New Server
We shall be moving to a new server some time in the second or third week of February 2011. If all goes well you will notice no change or any break in continuity. Our fingers are firmly crossed!

Ursula Mommens
We say goodbye to Ursula Mommens who died on 30 January 2010 at the age of 101. Ursula was old enough to remember the start of the first world war. The many friends that she made during her long, interesting and productive life will miss her.

New Search
You will notice that we have added a new search feature up on the top right-hand side of all our pages. This lets you do a Google search of our site. The search page has also been changed.

At last — the book reviews have arrived !
It's a long time since we first promised them, but the book reviews have finally reached the Pottery Studio pages. Only a few to start off with, but you know how things grow around here.:

If you are an author or a publisher and you would like to submit a work for review you can do it here or on the Book Review page.

Calendar !
As promised, the calendar is back and you will find it in its old position further down this page.

Face lift !
Don't be alarmed by the new look of The Pottery Studio site! We are not 'under new management' and most of what you are used to will remain the same. The most significant change (apart from the appearance) is a completely new mechanism to serve your pages. We have taken the opportunity to update some features that had lapsed, and there will be some small changes. The Top Ten page, for instance will now show the previous day's top ten, and it will be done automatically, without my banal comments. Hope you like the new look!

2006 Calendar !
A Happy new year to all of you! Our calendar has been temporarily withdrawn but will be back shortly with new pictures.

Copyright Piracy
In 2005 we had much trouble with outright theft of our copyright material. We welcome links to out site, but point out that if you link to us from a certain internet auction site, you will be taken to a general-purpose information page with links to all other areas.

To find out more about our copyright policy, go to the copyright page.

We will shortly introduce a new Book Review section. Some excellent books have been published recently, and ceramics books tend not to get much coverage in the press. We won't limit the reviews to new books, though, we fully intend to include all our old favourites.

Don't forget - if you buy a book from Amazon through a click from these pages we get a small commission that goes a little way towards financing the Pottery Studio. We don't care if you buy videos, CDs or gardening tools - every little helps!

WORKSHOP - Our new section for people who like to get their hands dirty. To start with we have the beginnings of our glaze library - contibutions welcome! - and the first page of our plans for making a kick wheel. Find it here or click the workshop link on the right.

Oh -- the gentleman who won the cigar for naming the new section had to send it back. His parents wouldn't let him smoke it.

Hey! - We are always hearing from you that you like to look at our pictures. Well, we have introduced a pin-up page so you can see them in in much better quality . The pictures will be changed every few days, so keep clicking. To see the pot's page, just click on the image.

You may notice a button at the bottom of the links on the potters' and potteries' pages. If an entry has two or more links, you can click on GALLERY to see a page containing all the pictures from the link pages. Where there are a lot of links these pages will be large - so be prepared to wait a little time for them to download.

A number of phony Wemyss pigs are in circulation. They have been turning up at boot fairs, antiques and collectors' fairs and auctions in the south of England and probably further afield. They are not easy to spot from the real thing, and at least one top auction house was fooled until the last minute when a Wemyss expert spotted it.

They differ slightly in size from the genuine article, but we are not sure whether they are larger or smaller. If you see a Wemyss pig that seems to be a bargain at about forty to fifty pounds - it might not be!

Leauger elephant