Macintyre salt cellar

Macintyre salt cellar

Macintyre salt cellar - 2¾" (69 mm) diameter, 1⅜" (34 mm) high.

Macintyre and Co, James

William Saddler Kennedy set up in business at Washington Works, Burslem, in 1843. Eleven years later he was joined by James Macintyre, and the company became known as Kennedy and Macintyre.

From 1860 Macintyre carried on the business without Kennedy, and traded under the name of James Macintyre and Company. William Moorcroft worked as a designer for Macintyre from 1898 to 1913.

The art pottery department was closed in 1913 so that the company could concentrate on making electrical insulators and since 1928 nothing but industrial wares has been produced.


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