Thorburn dish (mark)

Thorburn dish (mark)

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Thorburn dish (mark)

Thorburn Pottery

Wetheriggs Pottery, Penrith, Cumberland, had been used from 1855 as a brick and tile works and as a pottery from about 1860. The Schofields were employees there, and they bought the company in 1913. It was run by Harold Thorburn who was a member of the Schofield family.

The earthenware pots produced there were variously marked 'Schofield', 'Wetheriggs', 'Penrith', 'Cumberland' and 'Thorburn'. Any of these might be combined, and the word 'Pottery' included. There is also a suggestion that a monogram 'TH' was sometimes used, although Mr Thorburn denied it.

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