Bolingey vase (mark)

Bolingey vase (mark)

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Bolingey vase (mark)

Bolingey Pottery

Bolingey is a small village between Perranporth and Penwortha Combe on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall.

In the early 1960s Norman Taylor, a travelling salesman from Coventry, moved to Perranporth and learned how to pot at evening classes. He started the pottery at Bolingey and operated it with the help of his family. Mike Edwards who had previously potted with Lake's at Truro, started helping Norman in the evenings, and was taken on full-time in 1965.

The Bolingey mark was incised with a six-inch nail, and Mike identified his own pots by putting a line under the word 'Perranporth'. He would also put his initials on anything that he was particularly proud of.

The company adapted, at Mike's instigation, many of Lake's designs. They were successful through the sixties and seventies and closed in 1990.

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