Watcombe Porcelain vase (mark)

Watcombe Porcelain vase (mark)

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Watcombe Porcelain vase
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Watcombe Porcelain vase (mark)

This is one of those cases where you will only spot the mark if you already know what you are looking for.

Watcombe Pottery

Watcombe Pottery, originally known as The Watcombe Terra-Cotta Clay Company, was started by G J Allen in 1871 to use the red clay found around the area of Torquay in Devon.

The company very quickly established a reputation and its wares were exhibited internationally within a few years. The pottery expanded rapidly, employing a vast work force by the end of the decade.

The company was bought by Evans & Co in 1884 after the death of Allen, and in 1901 was acquired by Hexter, Humpherson & Co, who amalgamated it with Aller Vale Pottery. The new pottery was known as Royal Aller Vale & Watcombe Co.

The company continued to produce pottery until 1962.

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