Rosemary Wren tazza (mark)

Rosemary Wren tazza (mark)

Rosemary Wren tazza (mark)

Wren, Rosemary

Rosemary Wren was born at Oxshott, Surrey in 1922. Her mother was Denise Wren, and her birth came just two years after the Oxshott Pottery was started.

She trained at Guildford School of Art under Helen Pincombe who also had a pottery at Oxshott. After serving her country in the Women's Land Army during the Second World War she started potting at Oxshott.

In 1970 her partnership with Peter Crotty started, and when her mother died the couple took over Oxshott Pottery and moved it to Devon, then Scotland.

Rosemary is best known for her stoneware models, notably birds.


Oxshott Pottery was started in 1920 at Oxshott in Surrey by Henry and Denise Wren. Their daughter Rosemary Wren was born there in 1922.

The pottery remained at Oxshott until 1978, shortly before Denise's death, and then moved to Exeter in Devon under the direction of Rosemary and her partner, Peter Crotty. Another move followed in 1982, to Newton Abbot, not far away, and then another in 1989 to Strathpeffer in Ross-shire, Scotland.

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