Mosse cow jug

Mosse cow jug

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Mosse cow jug (mark)
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Mosse cow jug - 2¾" (69 mm) high, 3¾" (95 mm) diameter.

Mosse, Michael

Michael Mosse was born in Ilkley, West Yorkshire in 1951. He studied ceramics at Bristol Polytechnic in the late 1960s, but left college before finishing his course in order to pursue his career as a potter. Around 1970 he joined Tregaron pottery in Wales and has memories of putting endless dragons on endless pots.

In 1976 he joined Alan Caiger-Smith at Aldermaston and stayed there for two years. After leaving Aldermaston he went back to Wales and worked for about eighteen months at Cambrian Stoneware in Llanidloes while building a wood fired kiln in preparation to start his own pottery.

By 1980 he was ready to start, and with his wife, Joanna, opened the pottery. It did not have a name - they stamped their work with their own names; M & J Mosse. The work was mainly slip and sgraffito decorated salt glazed stoneware. Recently Michael has decided to stop salt glazing for decorated work and use majolica techniques instead.


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