Longpark Torquay vase

Longpark Torquay vase

Longpark Torquay vase - 6" (152 mm) high.

Longpark Pottery

Longpark Pottery started in the early 1880s and is believed to have been set up by two Watcombe employees who had been laid off in 1883. The company was in the Long Park area of Torquay, and originally produced unglazed terracotta wares.

Around the turn of the century, after various partnership and managerial changes, the Brewer brothers, William and James, were assisting Ralph Willot to run the plant. The trend in fashion towards glazed decorative pottery led the company to produce slip decorated wares very similar to those of Aller Vale and Watcombe.

Several changes of ownership and managership occurred over the years. The name of Bob Skinner is notable - he ran the pottery from around the start of the first world war until production ceased in the second world war. The two designs that Longpark is most famous for - the cockerel and the kingfisher - became firmly establish in the years between the two wars.

In the post-war period the company was taken over by Watcombe and was closed in 1957.

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