Blue Macintyre dish (mark)

Blue Macintyre dish (mark)

Blue Macintyre dish (mark)

Example of Patent Office registration mark How to read a registration mark

First buy a good book about pottery marks. There are plenty available and they are all as good as each other - just choose the one you best like the look of. From the book you will be able to decipher the code letters in the mark.

The format of the mark varies, so first find the type of mark that you want to investigate. In the example on the left, we find the year letter in the right corner, 'D'. This letter denotes the year 1878. The month is given in the bottom corner - 'A' is December. In the left-hand corner is the parcel number, in this case 9.

Now we have all we need to look up the item in a list. The list tells us that this piece was granted Patent Number 329922, and that the maker was J Macintyre and Company of Burslem.

Macintyre and Co, James

William Saddler Kennedy set up in business at Washington Works, Burslem, in 1843. Eleven years later he was joined by James Macintyre, and the company became known as Kennedy and Macintyre.

From 1860 Macintyre carried on the business without Kennedy, and traded under the name of James Macintyre and Company. William Moorcroft worked as a designer for Macintyre from 1898 to 1913.

The art pottery department was closed in 1913 so that the company could concentrate on making electrical insulators and since 1928 nothing but industrial wares has been produced.


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