Burnham Smith Puck

Burnham Smith Puck

Burnham Smith Puck - 6" (152 mm) high.

Burnham Smith, David

David Burnham Smith started his career as a draughtsman in the field of engineering. He became aware that the time was coming when technology would replace human skill in the production of detailed engineering drawings, and turned to his hobby - the restoration of broken ceramics - to provide him with a living.

After studying the techniques of the masters - William De Morgan, the Martin Brothers, William Moorcroft, etc. - he was able to re-create pieces of their work, and used this ability to channel his own creative ideas into exquisite original works of his own.

David's original pieces are painstakingly produced and very highly detailed. His work is usually in high fired porcelain. You can see more of his work on his web site - www.ceramic-artist.co.uk.


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