Youghal bowl

Youghal bowl

Youghal bowl - 4¾" (120 mm) diameter.

The nibble you can see in the rim is under the glaze.This piece is very reminiscent of some of the Isle of Wight pots.

Youghal Pottery

Youghal is a coastal town in County Cork, about midway between Waterford and Cork in the Republic of Ireland. The town has been home to several potteries over the years, but Youghal Pottery is the only one that remains.

Yougal is on a seam of red clay and was one of Ireland's main centres for terracotta and bricks. The industry's history has been researched and published in a book called 'Claymen of Youghal' by Tony Breslin of Youghal Pottery.

Further Reading:
Claymen of Youghal by Anthony R Breslin


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