Creigiau sauce boat

Creigiau sauce boat

Creigiau sauce boat - 2½" (63 mm) high.

Creigiau Pottery

Reg and Jean Southcliffe set up the Southcliffe Ceramic Company in Creigiau near Cardiff in Wales in 1947. A year later they changed the name to Creigiau Pottery.

They produced domestic table and decorative wares in earthenware with incised decoration and a greyish glaze partially covering the brown body and throwing the design into relief. They also made traditional Welsh lustre ware.

In 1962, while still operating Creigiau Pottery, Reg took over the running of the Claypits Pottery at Ewenny after Tom Jenkins retired, and re-named it Vale Pottery. Subsequently Vale Pottery was taken by new owners and again re-named Helyg Pottery.

Reg died in 1981 and Jean continued for two years before retiring. Their mark was sometimes incised, sometimes impressed and sometimes printed.


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