Three little fishes

Three little fishes

Three little fishes - 2" (50 mm) high.

Lamorna Pottery

Lamorna is in Cornwall, near the south coast, about mid-way between Penzance and Land's End.

The pottery was set up there in 1948 by Chris Ludlow and Derick Wilshaw. Ludlow had run a china and glass shop in St Ives before the war, and did not want to resume his old occupation when he left the RAF at the end of the war. He joined Butters Ltd of Stoke on Trent as a trainee potter and there he met Chris Ludlow who came from a family of potters and was a good thrower.

Ludlow took Wilshaw back to Cornwall and they set up their pottery in a building known as The Old Milk Factory in Lamorna valley. They were helped by Bernard Leach of the Leach Pottery in St Ives who pointed them towards sources of supply for their materials and experienced potters who could help them out. Neither of the two men had any experience of running a pottery.

The Lamorna Pottery opened in late 1948 and was in production by the middle of 1949.

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