Small turned pouring bowl

Small turned pouring bowl

Small turned pouring bowl - 2⅞" (73 mm) high, 4⅜" (111 mm) diameter. 2000.

Marshall, Andrew

Andrew Marshall, son of William Marshall, was born in St Ives in 1952. Although he didn't start potting until he was in his twenties, he grew up in an environment dominated by ceramics, and was no stranger to the Leach Pottery as a child.

In 1977 he helped in the building of his father's double-chamber kiln. Andrew pots mainly in red earthenware but is known to work in stoneware and porcelain. He uses local St Erth sand in his body clay as grog and mixes natural materials with St Erth clay for his slips and glazes.

Andrew draws on Japanese and Korean work for his inspiration; he quotes the Japanese potter Rosanjin as his most important single influence.

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