Rorstrand sauce boat

Rorstrand sauce boat

Rorstrand sauce boat - 3" (76 mm) high.


Rörstrand was started in Stockholm in 1726 to manufacture faience. In 1790 they started to make flintware. The company has a history of steady expansion; in 1782 they acquired Mariebergs Porslinfabrik and in 1873 the Arabia factory was set up in Finland by Rörstrand to take advantage of the Russian market. In 1881 Rörstrand started to make feldspar china.

The company moved in 1926 from Stockholm to Gothenburg and again ten years later from Gothenburg to Lidköping. In 1983 Rörstrand was bought by Arabia, in 1987 they merged with Gustavsbergs Porslinfabrik and in 1990 were taken over by the Finnish Hackman Group.

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Rorstrand Porcelain by Bengt Nystrom

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