Sarah Walton teapot

Sarah Walton teapot

Sarah Walton teapot - 6½" (165 mm) high.

Walton, Sarah

Sarah Walton, born in London in 1945, studied painting at Chelsea School of Art, specializing in landscapes. On completion of her course she trained and worked as a nurse for six years, and then enrolled at Harrow School of Art to study ceramics, completing a two-year course.

She worked as an assistant potter for two years and then set up her own studio in Selmeston near Eastbourne in Sussex, where she still resides. Sarah's work is salt glazed, and she has recently concentrated on sculptural pieces designed for use outdoors - bird baths being a particular speciality.

Her work is noted for its strength of form and subtlety of colour and is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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