Motoko slipware candle holder

Motoko slipware candle holder

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Motoko slipware candle holder (mark)
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Motoko slipware candle holder - 2" (50 mm) high, 4" (101 mm) diameter. 2005.

Wakana, Motoko

Motoko Wakana

Motoko Wakana
October, 2001.

The Japanese potter Motoko Wakana was born in 1962 in Tokyo. She graduated from Saitama University, and trained at the Takasaki College of Art. From 1993 Motoko spent six years working at the Utatsuama Craft Workshop and the Oshigahara Workshop, and then came to England in 1999.

She has worked with John Bedding, Clive Bowen and Mary Wondrausch, and has been widely exhibited. Her distinctive work is characterized by the use of light and dark clays and her original use of slip in relief patterns.

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