Wardle jardinière

Wardle jardinière

Wardle jardinière - 7⅜" (187 mm) high, 8½" (215 mm) diameter.


William Wardle was a Staffordshire potter. His son, James, followed his father's trade and set up a pottery in Shelton in the mid-nineteenth century. The company was not particularly successful, and it was not until his death in 1871 that the business passed into the hands of his wife, Eliza, who carried on trading as Wardle & Co.

With the help of her family and friends Eliza expanded the export business that her husband had initiated and soon moved to a larger factory in Hanley. In 1885 a new range of art pottery was introduced, and the company moved into a yet higher gear. In 1899 her son-in-law, David Jones, took over management of the factory and introduced new techniques - tube-lining and slip decoration.

Jones died in 1908, and the company was taken over by J A Robinson & Sons Ltd. The name changed to Wardle Art Pottery.

Wardle Art Pottery was later amalgamated with Cauldon Potteries, and finally ceased trading in 1935.

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