Peter O'Neil mug

Peter O'Neil mug

Peter O'Neil mug - 3¾" (95 mm) high.

O'Neil, Peter

Peter O'Neil was born in Cardiff, Wales, in 1959. After working for many years as a British Telecom engineer he enrolled in evening classes to learn pottery.

In 1992 he set up his first commercial pottery in a rented unit at the Cornish Goldsmiths, a tourist attraction near Portreath in Cornwall. The venture was successful and before long he was able to buy his own premises in Marazion; a gallery called Out of the Blue which gave him space to make his pots and to sell them along with work of other potters and graphic artists.

He then opened a second gallery, Blue Two, in Camborne, but has since sold it and moved back to Marazion. In 2001 he gave up potting to devote more time to his other business interests, including running the gallery, but he plans to resume before too long.

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