Small Thanet pot

Small Thanet pot

Small Thanet pot - 1¾" (44 mm) high.

Thanet Pottery

Thanet Pottery was started by David White and his sister Mary Dening at Westwood near Margate, Kent, in 1961. They produced high quality earthenwares in domestic and decorative styles.

The goods attracted attention and before long the small company found themselves in competition with some of the large, well established concerns of the time. By the mid-1960s they had a workforce of thirty-two and a large contract with a national retail chain outlet.

Margins were very tight, though, and the retail chain started to dictate terms and ask them to make copies of other companies' products. David and Mary felt that this was not what they wanted to do. The retail chain dropped them and they found themselves with an empty order book and thirty-two people to pay each week. The company went into voluntary liquidation in 1967.


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