Tinnyunt coffee pot

Tinnyunt coffee pot

Tinnyunt coffee pot - 7⅞" (200 mm) high.

Tinnyunt, Robert

Burmese potter Robert Tinnyunt settled in England in 1962. He worked with David Leach at Lowerdown Pottery in Bovey Tracey, Devon from 1967 to 1970 and then set up his own workshop at Kingsteignton, Devon.

Robert makes stoneware pots with brushed decoration.


Lowerdown Pottery

David Leach set up Lowerdown Pottery in Bovey Tracey, South Devon, in 1955 after handing over the running of Aylesford Pottery to Colin Pearson, and remained there until his death in February, 2005.

In his early days at Lowerdown he specialized in slipware before turning his attention to stoneware and fine porcelain. The porcelain work is characterized by fine carving and his pale green celadon glaze. He makes his own tools from simple materials, and uses both kick- and power wheels.

Since 1970 David's son Jeremy Leach has potted at Lowerdown. The pottery's gallery displays much of David's work, and the work of other fine potters - notably that of his sons Jeremy and Simon.

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