Leach / Bowen dish

Leach / Bowen dish

Leach / Bowen dish - 18" (457 mm) long, 15" (381 mm) wide. 2002.

This dish is remarkable for several reasons. Firstly its size and weight - it is 18 inches by 15 inches and weighs over 12 lbs - not a dish for olives or peanuts! Secondly, it is a joint venture by David Leach and Clive Bowen. Clive rolled and cut a half-inch slab of clay, David press-moulded and decorated it, and Clive fired it in his double-chamber down-draft wood-fired kiln. Even more remarkable are the marks.

Leach, David

David Leach - May 2000

David Leach
May 2000

David Leach was born in Tokyo in 1911, and was first taught to pot not by his father Bernard but by Shoji Hamada. He studied at North Staffs Technical College and in 1930 joined the Leach Pottery where he stayed, on and off, for twenty-five years. He helped the family business in artistic, practical, technical and managerial capacities.

In 1953 he headed the ceramics department of Loughborough College. He started the Aylesford Pottery in 1954, handing it over a year later to Colin Pearson.

After the handover of Aylesford Pottery he moved to Bovey Tracey in Devon and set up Lowerdown Pottery.

He was awarded the O.B.E in 1987, and is important for his development of porcelain suitable for studio pottery and his services to education. David died in February, 2005.

His three sons; John, Jeremy and Simon are all potters.

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