Highwoods jug (mark)

Highwoods jug (mark)

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Highwoods jug
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Highwoods jug (mark)

Highwoods Pottery

Christabel Goodwin set up the Highwoods Pottery in Turkey Road, Bexhill, Sussex in 1935. She chose the location because it was next to a brickworks; a convenient source of clay for the pottery. Cristabel was the daughter of the watercolourist, Albert Goodwin, who had died two years before.

Highwoods produced glazed and decorated earthenware pots, tiles and figures that are characterised by flair and enthusiasm rather than fine potting, but are increasingly sought-after.

The pottery closed in 1962 and Christabel died in 1971. Her sister Olive, who is thoght to have helped at the pottery died the following year.

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