Wedgwood Jasperware jug

Wedgwood Jasperware jug

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Wedgwood Jasperware jug (base)
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Wedgwood Jasperware jug - 5¾" (146 mm) high. 1957.


Wedgwood is one of the best known names in pottery, and certainly one of the oldest of extant companies. Our description will be brief as the company is so well documented.

Thomas Wedgwood set up a pottery in Burslem in 1656. In 1759 Josiah Wedgwood established Josiah Wedgwood & Sons there, and ten years later moved to new premises at nearby Etruria, the source of the clay.

Wedgwood is best known for 'Queensware' and its distinctive Jasperware. In the twentieth century the company used highly competent designers; John Skeaping, Harry Trethowan, Rex Whistler and the architect/designer Keith Murray are associated with the name of Wedgwood, and Murray designed the new factory at Barlaston that was commissioned in 1940.

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