Chelsea snoozing judge

Pottery: Chelsea Pottery
Chelsea snoozing judge

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Cat. No.: 4663
Details: 9⅜" (238 mm) long, 5⅜" (136 mm) high.
Condition: Very good with no damage.
Price: GB £100.00
UK P&P: GB £10.25 (2-3 day courier)
Worldwide P&P: GB £42.90 (Insured Airmail)

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This judge is usually found in a smaller size than this one. It was made by Jo Hindmarsh.
Jo Hindmarsh's mark. Note the number - she was the only one of the Chelsea potters who numbered her work. Jo did most of her modelling at home (she lived in the Tower of London, but that's another story!) She would rush in with a tray of items for firing and decorating, and try to get back to her car before a traffic warden found it.
Chelsea snoozing judge (base)

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