From time to time some of our pots are available for sale, and this is where you will find them.

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Most of the Pottery Studio items are not for sale - they might have been sold already, not ours to sell, or just, well, not for sale. If an item does not appear in these Saleroom pages, please don't ask.

Items currently on offer

All the items in this list are available. When an item is sold it is automatically withdrawn from the list.

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Chelsea beefeater Cat. No. 5357. £85.00
Chelsea beefeater - Chelsea Pottery
Denby Hill-Ouston vase Cat. No. 3947. £30.00
Denby Hill-Ouston vase - Denby
Chris Aston studio dish Cat. No. 5360. £30.00
Chris Aston studio dish - Aston, Chris
David Leach slipware jug Cat. No. 6279. £150.00
David Leach slipware jug - Leach, David
Cobridge Apple carafe Cat. No. 416. £500.00
Cobridge Apple carafe - Cobridge Stoneware
Wye condiment pot Cat. No. 6232. £15.00
Wye condiment pot - Dworski, Adam
Yellowsands commemorative mug Cat. No. 1106. £20.00
Yellowsands commemorative mug - Yellowsands Pottery
Quimper Breton bowl Cat. No. 6809. £18.00
Quimper Breton bowl - Quimper
Langley planter Cat. No. 6190. £35.00
Langley planter - Langley
Bough jug Cat. No. 4453. £50.00
Bough jug - Bough Pottery
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